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Let us introduce ourselves with a brief history of our origins and activities.

In the early 1930s, a group of young Christadelphians in Adelaide recognised that the teachings of our pioneers was sadly neglected by many, and the fervour and vigour of the Truth was lacking. They gathered together, determining to commence a study of the exposition "Elpis Israel," meeting in various homes around the city, and these meetings became known as the "Elpis Israel Cottage Meetings." Bro. H.P. (Perce) Mansfield was appointed editor of a newsletter to contain articles derived from the study, some of current events, and of other matters of general interest.

These meetings soon gained further interest, and "Elpis Israel" notes began to be distributed to others around the continent who joined in the desire to study the fundamental expositions of the Christadelphian Brotherhood. A magazine was commissioned, and named "Logos," a Greek word signifying the "inmost thoughts by which outward actions are manifested." Brother H. P. Mansfield continued as editor, and under his control the magazine enjoyed a world-wide distribution, and gave a powerful encouragement to reading and re-reading such works as Eureka, Elpis Israel, etc. He maintained a constant flow of articles and books from his pen during the following 54 years until his death in October, 1987.

In one of his last editorials, Brother Mansfield offered words of warning and encouragement, which epitomise his constant and unchanging attitude toward the Truth throughout his life. He wrote: "There is a solemn duty to instruct and warn. There is also need for every member of the Brotherhood to recognise his or her individual responsibility to cntinue to contribute to the work and to the maintaining of the Truth and its standards. Not a day should be allowed to pass without us doing something for Him…" Another reader stated at the time: "Though small in stature, Brother Mansfield was in many ways a giant in the Truth and his family [and readers] will ourselves miss him the more because of that… Though dead he will yet speak to us through his published work. May that continue to encourage and guide us as we press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling we have in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Logos magazine, first published in a typewritten format, then blossomed into black print as circulation increased, and in later volumes it appeared in full colour. Logos Publications has continued with the magazine each month without fail and in its associated publications, under the good hand of Yahweh. Today the monthly magazine has been extended into 56 pages, includes the verse-by-verse section of The Christadelphian Expositor, and continues to be distributed world-wide. In addition, the Logos Office produces helpful magazines under the series, "Herald booklets" which commenced in 1950, and designed to provide a clear, tactful and accurate outline of many subjects of Bible doctrine, prophecy and current events. Over sixty different titles are now available. 

Logos policy, set out by Brother Mansfield, states: "Our Policy is to follow the apostolic advice to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). In accordance with this ideal, we preach peace to those holding the Truth in its purity, but are definitely against the condoner of false doctrine, in our ranks or not. In this connection we are not called upon to give a hearing to error merely because the errorist thinks he is otherwise. Scriptural precept and common prudence rather counsel a contrary attitude (Pro. 19:27; 1Tim. 6:3-5). Logos therefore, will not lend support to the publication of erroneous teaching. “Take heed to thyself and unto the doctrine.” “Prove all Things... hold fast to that which is good.”

Today, the magazine enjoys the helpful and encouraging advice of a group of Advisory Brethren, selected from various areas of the Brotherhood, assisting the editor, Brother Graeham E Mansfield, thus providing an excellent background to the needs of the community worldwide.