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Guide to the Human Body

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God's amazing design in the Human Body. Every day our bodies process massive amounts of information and enable us to perform incredible feats. This will show how the complexity of our design points to one magnificent Engineer! 116 pages, full of colour illustrations. Ages from 8yrs and older.


This richly illustrated reference book celebrates the complexity of the human body in all its structures, functions, and potential. Young readers will learn not only about the details of human physiology, but also about the one who designed it all - the Creator.

Institute for Creation Research was founded in 1970 by Dr. Henry Morris to conduct scientific research within the realms of origins and Earth history, and offers conferences, media presentations, and print resources that affirm biblical creation.

Every day our bodies process massive amounts of information and make thousands of complex motions. The ability to move our fingers across a keyboard, fill a glass with water, read the pages of a novel--all of these simple actions mask marvels beneath the skin.

How does a baby grow nine months in a watery environment, then switch to breathing fresh air at the time of birth? How do our eyes capture the world around us and send images back to the brain? How is it that our bodies move and rotate while being composed of thick, tough bones?

The complexity of the human body clearly reflects the design of the Creator. Running, breathing, lifting--the movements and actions of our bodies have all been carefully crafted to work in sync. Guide to the Human Body will not only teach you about God's wonderful creation, but will also show you how the complexity of our bodies speaks of a wise and creative Creator.


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